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Hi all!

So I thought I would write a short update regarding a very frequently asked question we often get.  Of course, I'm purposely leaving out THE most common questions - 'do you have puppies' or 'when will you have puppies' because those answers are very plainly and obviously found in even just any basic review of our pages.

We often get questions from folks who would like to stop by and meet the dogs or the breed in general.  Many times people would like to meet 'the father and the mother' or 'the breeding pair'.  Here we'll address this question.  Yes, we have male and female dogs but no, they are not "breeding pairs" in the sense that people think.  We don't just buy some male and some female and start breeding them, and repeat litters with them every year.  And we don't buy several males and females and breed among our owned dogs exclusively together, either, because that is not what it means to breed.



In our opinion, to breed is to select and consistently strive to improve on both the individual parents, and the genetic pool at large, especially in a rare breed.  Anything else is just production.  Producing a bunch of full siblings year after year helps neither of the goals of breeding, even in the unlikely instance where you have exactly the best male for your female in your own house.

So it is extremely unlikely that you will get to meet both parents if you visit us, as we look for the best studs for our females no matter where they live in the world.  We don't own these studs and they don't live with us.  We find them through various breed activities and contacts, and pay a stud fee for the privilege.  And we are always, always, looking for high-quality studs with good, complementary pedigrees for our girls.  And likewise, for our males, we are very selective in which bitches from other kennels they can cover.  We hope that every litter we plan will have the potential to contribute further in the future to the breed (and that's also why we are very careful in selecting every single home.)

I hope that this clears up some things about how we work. It unfortunately does mean that should you like how a particular dog from us is turning out, there will still be no repeating of the litter.  However, you can always ask what our future plans are for the dogs in a litter you like.  And of course, folks can always come meet our dogs at any of the many events we attend every year!  Seasons Greetings!