Applications and Waitlisting

We don't take a waitlist by a checklist, nor a questionnaire. We believe that the 'right' owner will have what it takes to make it work, with or without things like a giant yard, or even prior dog experience. In fact, in our opinion, people with 'a lot of previous dog experience' also can be among the most inflexible in terms of what they want or expect in a dog, an approach that will make ownership of a CsV extremely difficult and tenuous at best.


We do have our minimum requirements, such as holding a job, having reasonable expectations of the breed, and knowing the requirements of the breed and having enough time and resources set asides for training and socialization. On top of this, we expect owners to be flexible, to seek to learn about the breed, and to learn and be taught by their dog, alongside them. We are looking for people who first and foremost want a companion and a pet. Yes, all of our dogs are first and foremost companion pets. They will live with us for their entire lives, whether or not they fulfill our wishes in training, breeding, or any other secondary desire. However, we are also looking for people who want to be involved and active within the breed. We are looking for people who like Czechoslovakian Vlcak and are interested in promoting them as a breed. To this end, we prioritize potential owners who are interested in training/trialing and/or showing, and getting appropriate health testing done on their dogs to be a breeding prospect. We choose all of our breeding matches very carefully, without regard to distance, time, or expense. We cut no corners on the selection of the dogs and pedigrees we want to develop further, and thus we are looking for potential owners who want to cooperate in furthering the establishment and development of the breed as well. We breed specifically to introduce the type and the breadth of pedigree we believe can be of value to the breed. So we choose owners who are interested in maintaining and furthering our vision, if they are interested in our dogs and their pedigrees.


'But I'm not a professional trainer, nor a handler, and I've never been to a dog show or trial'. If that is what you're thinking, that is OK! We are looking for people to be active with our dogs. We are not looking for people to be professional handlers or trainers, who campaign the dogs in trials and shows every weekend. Simply put - we want owners whose hobbies are doing things with the dogs. All we want is for that openness to try. And we guarantee our lifetime support and our advice and help in all things Czechoslovakian Vlcak. In short, we will be your Q, and you can always ask us for advice, or for moral support (we all know, all puppy owners of CSV need this..)


Placements are not first come, first serve. Neither is it guaranteed, just because you want to buy one.  We choose owners carefully, ones we feel we can trust for a lifetime placement of our dogs, and who will keep in contact with us, and responsibly care for the dog and the representation of the breed.  You don't have to be our best friends - we have those already 😉 but we are looking for people whose concept of the breed and whose approach to animal husbandry is aligned with ours.  We want to watch the dogs we produce mature - this is how we can best evaluate how our breeding program's efforts and selections are playing out.  If this does not sound like something you're interested in, consider another breeder.

Our placements are backed up by a Purchase Agreement which is meant to protect the dog and the breed. It also outlines refunds for completing classes, health screenings, etc.


So how do you get on our waitlist? Write to us, tell us about yourself, your interest in the breed, your livelihood, hobbies.. let us get to know you and similarly you can ask us any questions you might have about our dogs and so on. You can also follow us on our Facebook group, linked right there in the footer of the site.  Keep in constant touch with us, especially when a litter you are interested in is expected.


Please note that there are countries, states, counties, and cities in which we do not place dogs. These places have statutes which have terminology that would potentially include Czechoslovakian Vlcak under prohibited animals for ownership. We're not interested in putting our dogs at risk.  You can check our Facebook group for the state document list, or contact us via email.