My goals are simple - I live with the dogs and learn from and about the breed as much as I can, and enjoy training, spending time, and sharing adventures with them.


I am not only interested in the dogs who live here with me, but the entire breed and the preservation and improvement of Czechoslovakian Vlcak as a breed.  I know that CsV are very rare in the Americas, and because of the rarity people can be more willing to settle for whatever dog they can get from any kennel whatsoever.  This has no influence on what Greyfarer does or how we operate: I do not cut corners simply because I can.  I make every effort to keep to the standards of the kennels I admire in Europe and the minimum standards set by the breed clubs.  I do this for myself and for the dogs.


Greyfarer is a hobbyist kennel - I am a full-time professional at my day-job and the dogs are my hobbies - and I don't need to or want to produce litters to just simply make puppies for other random people.  I have just the number of dogs that I can take care of individually and dedicate a lot of time to.  Any and all planned litters will be from genetically screened parents from healthy lines, who are FCI-standard in temperament with a lupine exterior, and importantly, from clean pedigrees. I hope from this stringent selection to produce dogs that mature into worthwhile, healthy, standard Czechoslovakian Vlcaks that I would enjoy myself. For these dogs I hope to entrust them to the best dedicated homes who are interested in Czechoslovakian Vlcaks as a breed, who want to be involved in the breed, and who will look after and love our dogs for their entire lives.


A few times a year I attend international events overseas in order to motivate and challenge my own goals.  The breed is rare in the USA and being king of your own goldfish bowl means very little to me.  We strive to measure ourselves and our dogs against strong competition.


I do not have time for so-called “wolf romantics” or people who want a pet wolf in their backyard.

This is my goal.