Questionable Pedigrees and Pedigree Fraud in CsV


Unfortunately, Czechoslovakian Vlcak have a tendency to draw people who want to capitalize on the general characteristics and features of the breed. Specifically, there are breeders who purposely cross-breed Czechoslovakian Vlcak with any amount of mixed breed animals, often promoting the resulting offspring with official FCI-recognized purebred pedigrees which have false parents named. Because of the nature of Czechoslovakian Vlcak appearance, such pedigree fraud may go unnoticed for several generations, when atypical features that do not exist in the breed start to appear, or even in some cases, the parentage has been dis-proven by DNA.  The foundations of the breed are entirely accounted for.. Every single German Shepherd Dog and outcross is recorded and known history. The breed, unless by spontaneous mutation, has a very set standard and known faults... other deviations that cannot be accounted for that run in only certain kennels must be viewed in that light.


Because of the known instances of pedigree fraud, it is now standard for breeders to DNA-profile their animals. The sampling must be made by a third neutral party to prevent sample swapping. It also a new requirement for several breed clubs as well. However, some of the mix-breeding may have gone on for generations and the original suspected mixed animals are either unavailable or deceased, making it impossible to ever ascertain with certainty the true parentage of suspicious lines.


Some kennels are even bolder – they openly register hybrids with their kennel club through various methods that allow for the insertion of new, mixed-breed animals into the studbook.  Many of these animals are illegal to own and are at-risk for seizure by authorities.  And these animals are not accepted or recognized by CsV breed club of Slovakia, the breed's FCI patron country.


For these reasons, we will never breed to or with dogs whose pedigree contains animals coming from kennels that have registered such mixed animals unless the pedigrees have been third-party affirmed by DNA profiling to purebred CsV.  We understand that dogs from kennels that have registered other mix litters can be purebred.  We require confirmation by DNA profiling because we require zero doubt regarding the lineage.  We will only ever use pure Czechoslovakian Vlcak with complete pedigrees reaching back to the five recognized foundation lines.  We will not use dogs that are entered into the Pedigree Appendix (read: open pedigrees) for any kennel club.  And we will never used mixed-breed animals even if they have an FCI-recognized pedigree.  

Without the aforementioned confirmations, we do not use dogs who contain in their pedigree the kennels listed here.


We strongly suggest that persons looking for a new dog check the pedigree and confirm the information as well.........