- We do not ship puppies! -

All of our puppies will be raised under the rearing, socialization, and training protocols of Puppy Culture - we are also the first Puppy Culture-listed breeder for Czechoslovakian Vlcak worldwide.  Our puppies are whelped in the home and spend their whole lives with us underfoot around people indoors.  We don't have outside kennels and do not kennel neither our adults or litters.  Puppies will leave for their new homes starting at eight weeks old (although some may be held back to observe further development for show or sport potential pups). They will have regular socialization parties starting at around 4 weeks, where their owners can come and meet them for the first time. Puppies will be weaned onto a combination of Ziwipeak, Orijen Large Breed Puppy and raw.


Our puppies are registered with FCI-recognized pedigrees.  Puppies will also be registered in an "and" partnership with us with the United Kennel Club (UKC).  Sole ownership will be granted once the dogs have completed health testing and received their CHIC number.


Starting at 8-weeks old puppies can start to leave us with the following:

- Puppy Pack including Orijen start pack, leash, collar, clicker which we have been using with the puppies.

- Embedded ISO microchip registered with HomeAgain;

- First DAPP vaccinations administered and documented by our vet, 4x dewormed, USDA travel certificate when necessary;

- Veterinarian-documented status on correct scissors bite and presence of testicles in correct position;

- 2-months complimentary health and medical insurance with Embrace Pet Insurance (where permitted by law);

- Executed Purchase and Sales Agreement detailing obligations, rights, and guarantees for the owner and for Greyfarer, including health guarantees, return information, et al.

Copies of all parents' health results and genetic screenings:

All our girls and every stud we select including 'outside' studs have either a CHIC number or have had the appropriate health screenings as advised by the Czechoslovakian Vlcak Club of America (in the case of foreign studs), including and exceeding the minimum hip and elbow evaluations by PennHIP or OFA (or foreign equivalent), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and Pituitary Dwarfism (DW) DNA testing, eye exams, and DNA profiles of each puppy and parentage verified by University of California - Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.  Copies of the pedigrees, all health screening and testing, and titles of the parents will be provided in full.  Additionally, all puppies will be screened for DM and DW if their parentage gives them the possibility to be carriers.


Again - We do not ship our puppies.  All new owners are required to meet us in person and pick up their new adoptee. Visits to us while the puppies are growing up are highly encouraged. Alternative arrangements will only be made when owners are well known to us within the breed circle and long time associates.

And of course, ALL of our puppies come with our lifetime support and humble advice for anything concerning the dogs.