Our Rōnin passed his Temperament Test today with the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS).  He became the first Czechoslovakian Vlcak in the USA to pass and he did so with flying colors.  The elements of the exam are very similar to the temperament section of the breed-specific evaluation Bonitation so for others more familiar with that, the test will seem very familiar.  The details and description of the specific elements of the ATTS test can be found here  (the descriptions are also embedded in the video if viewing with a PC).

Additionally, last weekend Rōnin also successfully titled in an additional element in his detection trials, Superior class Interior searches.  The Superior class is the 3rd degree difficult out of five, and includes multiple hides and target odors, distractions, and blank areas which the handler and dog must clear and announce correctly.  He also earned legs towards his Advanced Exterior and Superior Vehicle searches, with multiple time placements and even one High in Trial.  Of course, all the details and so on can be found on Rōnin's page here.



Rōnin is really growing into a well-rounded dog.  Congratulations also to Rōnin's co-owner and of course owner-handler Marius for a great job with a great dog.

Updated 27/9/2016: We received Rōnin's official point results and certificate in the mail!  Each dog starts off each sub-test with 5 points and points are either deducted or added.  Rōnin is a pretty neutral dog..

Test results for Ronin.
Test results for Ronin.